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Flamenco dancer Adriana Maresma FoisBiography

The unique fire and elegance of Adriana Maresma Fois are what have marked her style and personality as a professional Spanish flamenco dancer. Her impassioned performances and choreographies have conquered stages all over the world.

Adriana received her Bachelors Degree in Photography and Dance from the University of New Mexico (USA) with recogized professors Eva Enciñias Sandoval and Pablo Rodarte, and made her debut at the Festival  Flamenco Internaciónal de Albuquerque dancing with José Greco.  Her career launched when she entered the renowned company of María Benitez, touring throughout the USA, with seasonal performances  at The Joyce Theatre in New York City and the Metropolitan Opera.

In 1998, Adriana had a wonderful opportunity to become a soloist with Flamencos Enroute, the prominent, contemporary flamenco dance company in Switzerland, directed by Brigitta L. Merki.  Adriana toured with Flamenco Enroute throughout Europe and Asia from 1998 – 2008. As a member of the company, she was invited to choreograph and be a soloist  for the opera Carmen at the Opera D’Avenches in Switzerland.  As a choreographer, Adriana’s ” La Puerta de Mi Sangre” was awarded ” First Prize” and “Best Stylization” in the Bento International Dance Festival in Brazil.

In 2008, Adriana played the lead role in a innovative version of García Lorca’s play, Yerma, as guest artist of Zorongo Flamenco Company in Minneapolis. She captured the audience with her raw and deeply expressive interpretation of a barren woman ( a barren Earth) lost and misunderstood in a modern cold and technological world.

Over the years, Adriana has worked with other celebrated artists and companies, including:Flamenco dancer Adriana Maresma Fois

  • María Benitéz Teatro Flamenco
  • Joaquín Ruíz
  • Carmen Linares
  • Flamencos Enroute
  • Plácido Domingo
  • Zorongo Flamenco
  • José Greco
  • The Boston Pops
  • Antonio ” El Pipa”
  • Enrique El Extremeño

Adriana has continued growing as a professional. studying in Madrid, Sevilla and Jerez, where she resides with her husband, Juan A. Gomez, flamenco guitarist. She currently collaborates with various international musicians, and regularly tours with her own company, AMFlamenco Danza Company.

Adriana teaches classes and workshops internationally, and holds annual Flamenco Camps in both Spain and the United States. She also gives classes in Jerez, Spain in collaboration with the Academia de Baile Jerez and the Academia de La Chiqui.  Please visit the Workshops and Flamenco Camp pages for more information about Adriana’s workshops and classes.

View Adriana’s bio in Spanish.

View Adriana’s full performer resume.

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