Bring Adriana to Your City

Adriana frequently travels internationally, teaching Flamenco dance workshops and classes to countless students.  She has taught across the United States and in many other countries including France, Germany and Switzerland.  She regularly teaches in Jerez, Spain in collaboration with Academia de Baile Jerez and Academia de La Chiqui.  Adriana also holds annual Flamenco camps, in Spain and occasionally in New Mexico.

Graceful yet powerful in her movements and demeanor, Adriana has a unique way of balancing the beauty and strength of the flamenco art form. She possesses a sense of rhythm, and feeling for the music, and creative ability to express them through movement. Her ability to motivate through energetic enthusiasm and skill encourages students to learn new things with passion.

If you are interested in bringing Adriana to your city to teach a workshop or class, please send a message through the contact page or email Adriana directly at

Adriana brings a powerful yet feminine quality to the flamenco community through her artistic expression and solid instruction of technique, choreography and connection to flamenco rhythms.

–  Jackie Villegas-MacLin

What is Flamenco?Seattle-MantonWorkshop

Flamenco is  a form of  Spanish folk music and dance from the southern region of Spain, Andalucía. It combines the guitar (guitarra), cante (singing) and dance (baile) originating from the Romaní gypsies ( gypsies  from Spain) who traveled through India and Eastern Europe until residing in Andalucia. Flamenco is a very rhythmic and passionate art form,  with palmas (clapping), pitos (finger snapping), and jaleos (vocal bursts of support and enthusiasm), evolving over the years the traditional with contemporary, into a sophisticated and respected art that has grown in popularity worldwide. The UNESCO declared FLAMENCO to be one of the Masterpieces of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010.

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